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Where the ladies at?

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Ladies I’m saying, your amazing. Don’t you dare forget it.


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Lets Go.


o.s.k. & the n.y.s.s.o.d.p.s.

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olga sophie kauppinen & the new york studio school of drawing, painting, and sculpture

Slippery When Wet

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Raunchy ads, sexual ads, banned ads, strange ads, and other things for your viewing pleasure…


Sex Sells.

Myths, Mysteries, and Legends

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I was about to start posting for PPT4. People, Places, Things, which I have blogged a few times now. Generally giving way to things that interest me. Some how while looking at photos for the next installment, I wanted to get a photo of Medusa. This naturally led into looking at mythical photos, particularly of women, and perhaps with an interest towards the mythology of the ancient civilizations.

A few photos below…

The Egyptian goddess Hathor. She is generally seen to personify love, motherhood, beauty and music. Depictions of her are said to be in the tombs of royalty and common people alike, guiding them through the journey to the afterlife.

Andromeda, a princess from Greek mythology, she was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster.

Hindu Goddess, Kali, she represents the “dark mother” and the female power. She is often seen as a ferocious goddess who kills everything in her path. With her many arms, she holds knives, swords, and the head of a demon. She is often depicted with 3 eyes, which represent the present, past, and future.

Mayan Goddess, Ixchel, pronounced ‘ee shell’ said to be a goddess of waters, the earth and the moon. Her temple still stands in Cozumel, Mexico. Her darker side is said to represent a crone, an evil ugly looking older woman who deals with the cycles of life and death, by pouring water from a jug, that produces rainstorms and  floods, that destroy land to give way to rebirth.

Roman Goddess, Minerva. Seen as a goddess of wisdom and science, she is said to have been Jupiter’s only daughter and sprung from his brain fully grown and armed. Created from his brain because man did not invent useful arts and science, they were instead created by the fountain of all wisdom. She was armed because with wisdom and virtue, man would be invincible.

I think the most interesting part of this post, has been skimming the surface of these ancient myths. there honestly things I havent thought about or explored since high school, when entire semesters were dedicated to the subject. But to re-visit these ideas, and stories however briefly, is very interesting indeed.


Bug Out Sessions

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No Tiki…No Laundry

Clockwise from the top: Ann, Lou, Myself, Cynthia

Ricky Powell show, people, places, faces, parties, things, life

Dark Streak…

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Ok so the holidays are over. Thank god. Back to regular life, work, dreams, drinks, parties, people, well-laid and made plans. I don’t know about any of the rest of you, but I needed the holiday season to end and I’m really glad its gone now. Over the past few months I read some articles, felt some feelings, and thought some shit. And one of the things I read, talked about people getting sad and depressed during the holiday season. I felt some of that…and its ok, you go through it, its life. And it made me think about how some people and some things that happen can change you, can make you dark, and make something inside you dark, or mean, or into shit that’s not even you. But in the end I always know better, even though sometimes I have a really dark mean streak…

Below are some wood prints done by a German artist. Käthe Kollwitz 1867-1945, was a painter, print maker, and sculptor. And the series of photos below are a group of paintings done in reflection of Germany after World War 1. They seem perfectly fitting. Strange and beautiful in the pain and agony that they show.

“Harrowing tales of loss and despair unfold in these seven prints: a man and woman are forced to the ground by their grief; famished and bereaved figures surround a woman whose hand shields her frightened child; a group of woman and children huddle together in protective solidarity. The technique of woodcut, the oldest of all printmaking methods, was favored by Kollwitz and many of her contemporaries for its directness and simplicity. Here the artist has set large areas of black against the white lines gouged by the printmaker’s knife, heightening the raw emotion of each scene. She created this cycle of prints in the the tumultuous years following Germany’s defeat in World War 1. Instead of showing war’s brutal violence, Kollwitz, who had lost her son in combat, focuses on the agony of those left on the home front, women and children in particular.”

A girl can never have enough…

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Pantone SeaVee’s

New Era Vans California Collection

Vans Old Skool Lows

Chloe Patent Leather Wedge

Marc Jacob Jelly

Givenchy Jelly

DSquared Platform

YSL Caged Boots

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte

Miu Miu Gold Flats

Been a minute…

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Natalia Brilli, leather Nolex. “If you have to know the time, you can’t afford it.” Boss.

Natalia Brilli, Absolut Vodka

When im feeling all cultured and shit.

Fashion illustrations “it was a field that no one had been interested in”…”I could get the best artists without competition.”

It is not a question that we live, but how we choose to live.

Cartier Gator Card Holder.

Health before Wealth.

Miso Butter Risotto. Yes.


Pair it with a nice Sauvigon Blanc.

Olga Sophie Kauppinen So sick with it! ❤

Canals of Our City, Amsterdam drawing, 1909

Barcelona Metro Map- Jaime 1!

Amsterdam Metro Map – Wibautstraat!

New York City Metro Map – East Broadway!

We could travel the world..see things and do things, learn things, and if we are lucky become new things along the way. Its nice to be somewhere where friends are, where love is, and where things are good even when they are not always good. The maps and stops above are all some of the cities that I have been to, and the stops that I have stayed at. In the years to follow, there will most definitely be more cities, more places, more maps, and more memories, but home will always be home. New York I love you.