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World Press Photo 2010

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Before going to the actual exhibition, I hadn’t heard about the World Press Photo shows before. Since its inception in 1955 and every year thereafter, World Press Photo has held contests for who has the winning photojournalism photo of that year, “a girl running naked after a napalm attack in Vietnam; a Buddhist monk who has set himself alight; a sole demonstrator standing in front of tanks on Tiananmen Square.” The non-profit organization started in Amsterdam, The Netherlands i.e. Holland, and since has held exhibitions across the globe, and currently it is the largest photojournalism contest in the world.

Initially I wasn’t sure what I would see. It didn’t occur to me the magnitude of impact press photos would have on me. The head of a dead girl peeking out of rubble on the Gaza strip or President Obama’s inauguration in Washington D.C. So many of the things that happen in the world, that you overlook, forget about, or are disinterested in because as always life has to be led, and your day to day grind often takes away from thinking of these things.

I’d also like to mention where the exhibit took place. In Amsterdam’s Oude Kerk. This translates to old church, and it is old; Amsterdam’s oldest (consecrated in 1306) and by far one of the most beautiful I’ve seen so far. The same exhibit takes place in New York City at the United Nations. It dawned on me how unfortunate that is, because I’m not likely to go. In Amsterdam the show is in an amazing old church, a beautiful structure with history, wooden ceilings (the oldest vaulted ceilings of any church in Europe), carved marble floors, and stained glass windows. Then you have the United Nations…a place that should symbolize peace and the continued thriving relationships that world countries build together, and somehow it seems like an effort lost. An attempt to change the world, but losing its way in the end. We could argue perhaps the same on the other end; churches, religion, politics, missionaries, topics that raise heavy debates, and question your own beliefs in the world at large. All very deep stuff no doubt. Lets look at a few photos for now…

My last and by far favorite photo of the show, was the one below by JR.

A friend of mine recently posted about JR over on her site. Below is the link and info on his current work.

Inspiration of the Day: JR


World Press Photo


Ivan Rodriguez – Poderoso Dream – Photo Show

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Of course super excited for my dear friend Ivan. Siked to party with the homies. We always have such fun together. Here’s to having an extra arm, another ear, or quite possibly to be able to breather under water! 🙂

“…A collection of photos about love, life, walks, happiness, dreams, loneliness, and whatever you want in between.”



Buttery Ass Photos

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The images below are photos that I took on the plane from and to Amsterdam this past April//May. The first thing that I must mention is that during the whole Iceland volcano thing I didn’t really think this would affect my trip. Considering I was flying Iceland Air I should have assumed that this would cause major delays. I almost didn’t make it to Amsterdam for Queens Day. But alas I made it, and here are some photos of the volcanic ash over Iceland, and also of Greenland from the plane. I gotta thank my Canon G9 for these buttery ass photos.


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Once again…



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Another installment of PPT. Visuals for your mind.



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Ongoing theme, starting now.



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Lomo’s are ill. Get acquainted.

My current rig.

Next up, the Chrome Diana F+.