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Delfina Delettrez Fendi

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen someones work and was so completely inspired, to work on my own shit more, developing a design aesthetic. Delettrez is a Fendi by birth. Her mother Silvia Venturini Fendi, is the accessories director at the luxury fashion house and her father, Bernard Delettrez is a french jeweler.

Its no mystery then that a sense of fashion, style and design are innate for this young lady. She is currently 24, and at the time that Delettrez showcased her jewelry for the first time in the U.S. at Opening Ceremony she was only 20. Delfina has sited her father as a huge inspiration, learning how to work with metals and stones and putting the two together. You can see when looking at her work and his side by side how much he has influenced her work. The pieces are very similar, but Delfina definitely has a style all her own.

As a given we have the large jewelry houses; Tiffany’s, Bulgari, Cartier, H. Stern and David Yurman. Then you have other brands that fall somewhere in the middle tier between fine jewelry and bijou; Giles and Brother, Ten Thousand Things, Tom Binns, and Eddie Borgo. Delfina’s work in my opinion would fall in this middle category, although elements of fine jewelry are seen throughout her collections. Her price points fall in the range of $175 to $11,000 roughly, depending on the piece and/or style. She has worked with silver and gold, and marble and enamel, along with other materials. I think its important also to note that being born into a family of fashion royalty, its no wonder that a life of privilege and influence have helped her along the way. But on her own, this young lady has a great sense of style, and an interesting way of putting different materials together in a cohesive manner.

Below are a few photos of her fathers work. Bernard Delettrez.

Bernard’s pieces all are hand-crafted in Rome. He has been dubbed “Mr. Skull” and loves the title. Saying his name will always be associated with skulls. “The dark romance of crosses, skulls, and keys – this is my passion.” – Bernard Delettrez

Below are a few photos of Delfina’s work.

For her FW2011 presentation during Paris Fashion Week, Delfina showed her pieces in a factory setting, inspired by a shoe factory in Florence. The collection entitled ‘Roll-in-Stones’ was inspired by The Wasp Factory, a novel written by the Scottish writer, Lain Banks. Each piece has an element of movement, whether rotating stones, or chains that dangle and sway.

Below are images from the collection.



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A few random things I was inspired by today. Enjoy. 🙂

As always, stay inspired.

Melissa + Gaetano Pesce Jelly Bootie

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Love these. I remember the very first pair of Melissa shoes I had back in high school. The entire sneaker was made of blue and clear plastic. If I wore them without socks, you could see the silhouette of my foot which was very sexy, after a fresh pedicure.

These joints below are part of a collaboration between the Brazilian brand Melissa and Gaetano Pesce.

The most interesting thing about this shoe, is that the plastic discs can be cut and customized to the wearer’s liking. A few of the photos below, show some of these options…

Below are a few photos of the designer/artist and his work. Pesce is an Italian designer who has lived in New York since 1980 and has been described as one of the most independent thinkers on the international design scene today. He main works are furniture and house ware designs; chairs and ottomans, couches and vases, but to box him in would be wrong since his most famous artist work is the ‘Organic Building’ in Osaka, Japan. Some of his pieces are today part of the MoMA’s permanent collection, although many are not on view. Pesce, born in 1939, studied architecture and industrial design in Venice early in his career. The Organic Building was completed in 1993.

Check out the photos below…

The artist himself.

The Organic Building. The plant pots along the exterior of the building contain 80 different species of bamboo.

Pesce’s Rock Vase, made of resin.

Pesce’s Golgotha Chair made of dacron-filled and resin coated fibreglass cloth. FYI- dacron is a type of polyester fabric.

Pesce’s chair and ottoman designed for B&B Italia, as part of his “Up” chair series. B&B Italia is a luxury modern furniture brand and manufacturing company. Divided into two main brands under the B&B umbrella, they are B&B Italia and Maxalto, with Maxalto focusing more on wood processing.


Gaetano Pesce

B&B Italia


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Once again…



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Ongoing theme, starting now.


Special Delivery

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P.S. Don’t wear suede sneakers to the club.


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I was so bad this season, not bringing out my camera. The (capsule) show this year showed a lot of growth from past shows. The show which in New York has always taken place at the Angel Orensanz Center on the Lower East Side, expanded this year to include the Puck Building in SoHo. It was great bumping to old friends and meeting new people, and seeing people who I respect creatively. As for the staples that have been with capsule for a while now, Public School continues to excite, and their diffusion line The Black Apple, is greatly tailored and modern. Naked & Famous designers, are two great guys, who have an obsession with well made denim, taking the time to explain to me the Japanese process of creating denim, as well as Japanese knitting techniques, which they use throughout their collection. It was great to see Palladiums come back strong, with great price points and slick design silhouettes. Red Wing brought the heat of course, as I come to expect a certain level of work from them they didn’t disappoint. All in all, good show, good vibes, and a great cocktail! Belvedere, Newman’s Own Lemonade, and raspberry liquer.

Leather Embossed.

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And then some.

Natalia Brilli leather domino set. Serious.

Keith Hernandez in Luminary

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A new face at New York’s Request Models, Keith Hernandez has already been featured on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan, in American Eagle’s ad campaign, and walked for Givenchy. He is building quite the portfolio.

Vogue Hommes Japan Cover Shoot

Keith walking the Givenchy runways for SS 2010

Recently photographed by Yoshi Sekine in Luminary’s Mosaic pendant.


Request Models

White Blocks

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Love These!