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Giro d’Italia – Giromania! – Amsterdam 2010

Posted in Out, Travel by ologundudu on February 16, 2011

So while in Amsterdam last May/April I had the pleasure to be in the city while the Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) was going on, which in its 93 editions has never played host to the city of Amsterdam. The Giro d’Italia is a famous European bike race that has been in existence since 1909.  Similar to the more famous (to American standards) Tour de France. The trail of the bike race passed the renowned Museumplein, which houses the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijks Museum.

Everything is pink. The ads, the fliers, and most importantly the jersey. Dubbed ‘the pink jersey’ the maglia rosa which is its official name, is a crucial part of the race. Everyday of the tour the biker with the fastest overall time, up until that point has the honor of wearing the maglia rosa. This means that the person wearing it may change everyday, depending on how well they have done. This is similar to what happens with the Tour de France bike race, and its famous green jersey.

Being in the city while all this was going on in addition to Queens Day, which is not really comparable to any famous day expect maybe Independence Day in the states, was pretty awesome (my new word of the moment is awesome -by the way- anything hot or cool is awesome right now!). The thing with Queens Day, is that the entire country turns up and out in celebration; food, music, parties, art, buying, selling, creating, opening, closing, dancing, singing, jamming.


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