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Dark Streak…

Posted in Uncategorized by ologundudu on January 8, 2011

Ok so the holidays are over. Thank god. Back to regular life, work, dreams, drinks, parties, people, well-laid and made plans. I don’t know about any of the rest of you, but I needed the holiday season to end and I’m really glad its gone now. Over the past few months I read some articles, felt some feelings, and thought some shit. And one of the things I read, talked about people getting sad and depressed during the holiday season. I felt some of that…and its ok, you go through it, its life. And it made me think about how some people and some things that happen can change you, can make you dark, and make something inside you dark, or mean, or into shit that’s not even you. But in the end I always know better, even though sometimes I have a really dark mean streak…

Below are some wood prints done by a German artist. Käthe Kollwitz 1867-1945, was a painter, print maker, and sculptor. And the series of photos below are a group of paintings done in reflection of Germany after World War 1. They seem perfectly fitting. Strange and beautiful in the pain and agony that they show.

“Harrowing tales of loss and despair unfold in these seven prints: a man and woman are forced to the ground by their grief; famished and bereaved figures surround a woman whose hand shields her frightened child; a group of woman and children huddle together in protective solidarity. The technique of woodcut, the oldest of all printmaking methods, was favored by Kollwitz and many of her contemporaries for its directness and simplicity. Here the artist has set large areas of black against the white lines gouged by the printmaker’s knife, heightening the raw emotion of each scene. She created this cycle of prints in the the tumultuous years following Germany’s defeat in World War 1. Instead of showing war’s brutal violence, Kollwitz, who had lost her son in combat, focuses on the agony of those left on the home front, women and children in particular.”


Scenes from the MoMA

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I posted about the architecture exhibit at the MoMA on Social Change not too long ago. I have some photos from this day. Again I think I want to talk about the fact that its important in our world, to do some kind of meaningful work, that gives you more than a paycheck, but also a sense of pride in what you have created. I’ve always felt a special affinity towards architecture, and its impact on societies. Just thinking of the process of designing something on such a large scale all the while trying to tap into the world of the people surrounding that area. What they do, where they go, how they eat, the music they listen to, and also the existing landscape in which they live, must all be taken into account. Below are some of the images…

The 3 above give statistics on the lives of people where architects have built structures. Some give the percentage of children who are illiterate, others give the number of people who now benefit from schools, apartments, and cable cars built in cities that before did not have these things.

“We as architects, could and should pay a stronger roe in the formation of living space and the habits of people. We have to come up with innovative ideas to help conserve resources and therefore help nurture a future free of crisis.”

Diébédo Francis Keré

The link above will give you more information on Francis, who began his architectural career in Berlin. For his part in the exhibit, Francis designed a primary school in his own home town, Burkina Faso, in West Africa.

“I hope that the human ability to build with nothing but the natural material just under our feet – and with our own hands – will improve and not vanish. This  skill is essential now and in the future to build sustainable housing for all.”

Anna Heringer

Check this link to find out more information about Anna and the projects she is working on. For this exhibit her part included a hand-made school in Bangladesh where 80% of the children are illiterate.

Slizzard Blizzard

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This is shit was pretty fucking gnarly. And I think every other New Yorker will say the same. I mean I haven’t seen this much snow all at once in a really long time. And it all took me back to the days of being a little shorty in Park Slope with a slay and a mound of snow on my block. As you can see the first photo is of the entrance to my building. No way the snow wasn’t getting in there. And a few from my roof, and others from right outside my building.