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Need to get back…

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I’ll see you again some day. I promise.

Withnail and I

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I saw this movie in Amsterdam. So fucking amazing. Old movie based in 1960’s Britain. These two guys are fucking hilarious.

Laser Etching

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(not new, but still ill.)

Scott Campbell.

Pencil and Ink

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girls, women, ladies, females; a constant source of inspiration.

One Day…

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Another installment of PPT. Visuals for your mind.



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This is where I am right now. It’s been about five years since I’ve been here, and seeing as how I’ve been ‘so far gone’ on the blog tip lately I wanted to share a few things. This place is so out of a movie its not funny. The history, the culture, the diversity, -Amsterdam is the most ethnically diverse city in the world, followed by Antwerp and New York, something I just learned while being here- the people, the art, the architecture. A train station that used to be a castle, a park built for the rich, many things like this and more.

The first fews days were a blur. After traveling for about 72 hours just to get here, and flying into Schiphol the day of Queens Night, a celebratory day (music, festival) in The Netherlands, I slept for only about an hour, to then start partying. But hey what do you do in one of the illest cities in the world, on one of the best days to be there!

It’s been 3 days so far. Already lots of laughs, great people, amazing food, a strain of weed called Mexican haze, which my friend Louisa says “did us right!,” vintage shopping and tons of photos. I finally got a map today, brought weed at a famous coffee shop here, which I also did on the first day, about half an hour after I arrived, telling Hanna, ‘hey I wanna get some hash!,’ road around on my bike, and still got lost and had to ask for directions.

All on all I’m absolutely loving it here. If you haven’t been I highly recommend this city. I cannot fully explain that amazing feeling of being in another city, on a block you’ve never been on, at a place you’ve never been to, with people you have yet to meet. To smile at a stranger, walk in a park, or get lost in a place.

It’s a bit after 5am here, and I do need to sleep. The birds are chirping as I type, the dawn is approaching, a Lucky Strike between my fingers, and a cup of tea at my side, thinking about what I’ll get into today.