The Extension

thoughts and etc.

Posted in Uncategorized by ologundudu on January 28, 2010

In a black and white print, you would swear we’d think we could live forever. that nothing would stop us, the days would never end, love and life would move seamlessly through our mouths, breathing slowly and heavy, the drink would be strong, the walk mean, and the smiles would invite you in, and somewhere we would see our own greatness. our power and worth. and today for the first time, perhaps in a long time, you wanna live to live and not live to die, if you understand me. sometimes i pick miss. white up and throw her. maybe this is wrong, maybe im a rebel, maybe i want to smoke euros on my bike cruising up the west side highway, or down depending on how you look at it. maybe im just waiting for summer, maybe nothing, maybe everything. maybe life is what it is, and we take it for what it is, maybe im rambling. its ok though.


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