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From Conception to Reality

Posted in Architecture, Art, Design by ologundudu on January 17, 2010

I’ve been a fan of Buckminster since my first trip to the MoMA. His work is exquisite in its symmetrical proportions. I was working at ICP the other night, and started flipping through the pages of Wired Magazine. There was a small feature on his designs being used in LA for tree houses, of the young and rich. Apparently architect Dustin Feider is installing them all over the city of Los Angeles. In addition the LA County Museum of Art has one installed as well. This is not the first time Buckminster’s work has been used to construct buildings, but it is the first time the designs have been turned into tree houses.

Buckminster, in his own words.

Much of Buckminster’s work can be seen at the MoMA.

Wired Magazine Cover Nov. 2009

Geodesic Dome Tree House constructed by architect Dustin Feider, based on Buckminster’s famous design.


The Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Dustin Feider.

Wired Magazine.


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