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Ongoing theme, starting now.



thoughts and etc.

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In a black and white print, you would swear we’d think we could live forever. that nothing would stop us, the days would never end, love and life would move seamlessly through our mouths, breathing slowly and heavy, the drink would be strong, the walk mean, and the smiles would invite you in, and somewhere we would see our own greatness. our power and worth. and today for the first time, perhaps in a long time, you wanna live to live and not live to die, if you understand me. sometimes i pick miss. white up and throw her. maybe this is wrong, maybe im a rebel, maybe i want to smoke euros on my bike cruising up the west side highway, or down depending on how you look at it. maybe im just waiting for summer, maybe nothing, maybe everything. maybe life is what it is, and we take it for what it is, maybe im rambling. its ok though.

Special Delivery

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P.S. Don’t wear suede sneakers to the club.


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Just me and my bitch.

Dear Summer,

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It’s been a while my friend. As you can see, I’m patiently awaiting your return.

Vans x Hellz

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Well well well. This was one of those nights. Tony’s hat was legendary. Mad niggas bum rushed the stair case and slid by security. Tequila and gingerale on deck. Lots of smoking and shit talking. Heading over to greenhouse after to get faded. Good times.

What I did with a Wisdom tooth…

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I’d been sitting on this tooth for months now. Initially I was going to make a chain out of the teeth, which I still may do. I casted 3, drilled a hole at the top and strung a Venetian box chain through them. I held it up, around my neck, and thought I would work on it more. I then took a shorter version of the same chain and hung it up to my ear. I fell in love! I later soldered the pieces. Below are images of the wisdom tooth earrings.


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I was so bad this season, not bringing out my camera. The (capsule) show this year showed a lot of growth from past shows. The show which in New York has always taken place at the Angel Orensanz Center on the Lower East Side, expanded this year to include the Puck Building in SoHo. It was great bumping to old friends and meeting new people, and seeing people who I respect creatively. As for the staples that have been with capsule for a while now, Public School continues to excite, and their diffusion line The Black Apple, is greatly tailored and modern. Naked & Famous designers, are two great guys, who have an obsession with well made denim, taking the time to explain to me the Japanese process of creating denim, as well as Japanese knitting techniques, which they use throughout their collection. It was great to see Palladiums come back strong, with great price points and slick design silhouettes. Red Wing brought the heat of course, as I come to expect a certain level of work from them they didn’t disappoint. All in all, good show, good vibes, and a great cocktail! Belvedere, Newman’s Own Lemonade, and raspberry liquer.

Moody Music

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I’ve lately been obsessed with soundtracks. I remember watching Guy Ritchie’s Snatch, years ago, and loving the soundtrack. Here’s the list below. Get into it.

1. Kuasehfgaiurgh, Snatch Dialogue

2. Damond, Klint

3. Supermoves, Overseer

4. Hernando’s Hideaway, The Johnston Brothers

5. Golden Brown, The Stranglers

6. Dreadlock Holiday, 10cc

7. Hava Nagila, John Murphy

8. Avi Arrives, Snatch Dialogue

9. Cross the Tracks (We Better Go Back), Maceo and the Macks

10. Disco Science, Marwals

11. Nemesis, Snatch Dialogue

12. Hot Pants (I’m Coming, Coming, I’m Coming)

13. Lucky Star, Madonna

14. Ghost Town, The Specials

15. Are You There, Klint

16. Sensual Woman, The Herbaliser

17. Angel, Massive Attack

18. Fuckin’ In The Bushes, Oasis

19. Don’t You Just Know It, Huey Piano “Smith & The Clowns”

20. Avi’s Declaration, Snatch Dialogue

Snatch Soundtrack

From Confessions of Fire…

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to Boss of all Bosses 2. I still love Cam.

Boss of all Bosses 2