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Red; An Obession

Posted in Uncategorized by ologundudu on December 11, 2009

Red is one of those colors that pops and stands out. I have lately seen a huge resurgence of the color, in fashion, art, film, and music. Whether through clothes on runways, lips on models, or colors in music videos, paintings, and architecture. Red is here in a big way. Especially with the holiday season, it is all around us!

Rihanna’s Russian Roulette video uses the color well. Her death is made artistic and beautiful through special effects.

YSL’s Red Rouge # 17 is by far the hottest red lipstick out right now. I copped mine yesterday!

YSL Red Rouge

Lello Bookshop in Porto was built in 1906. This is what a book store should look and feel like. This red staircase is famous for its design and color. One step in here, and your sure to enter into a new world!

Lello Bookshop

Dutch artist Arjan de Weger, uses red flawlessly depicting women. Creating black and white canvases and then only using the color red here, is amazing.

Arjan de Weger


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