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Posted in NYC by ologundudu on December 28, 2009

Good eats the other night!

Spicy fish tacos @ Habana.



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It was a beautiful day in the city today, one of those days that make you think about the summer. Shorts and shades, and riding around the city on your bike, but right now all I can think about is this…

I’ve been going a little nuts thinking of snowboarding for the first time this year. What gear will I cop? How many times will I go? Will we always be madd high with the goons? And damn, am I gonna hurt myself? But hey thats life. I’m so fucking hype!

I’ve been lusting after this 2010 Burton board.

And getting on the lift!

And being here!

Leather Embossed.

Posted in Fashion by ologundudu on December 11, 2009

And then some.

Natalia Brilli leather domino set. Serious.

Red; An Obession

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Red is one of those colors that pops and stands out. I have lately seen a huge resurgence of the color, in fashion, art, film, and music. Whether through clothes on runways, lips on models, or colors in music videos, paintings, and architecture. Red is here in a big way. Especially with the holiday season, it is all around us!

Rihanna’s Russian Roulette video uses the color well. Her death is made artistic and beautiful through special effects.

YSL’s Red Rouge # 17 is by far the hottest red lipstick out right now. I copped mine yesterday!

YSL Red Rouge

Lello Bookshop in Porto was built in 1906. This is what a book store should look and feel like. This red staircase is famous for its design and color. One step in here, and your sure to enter into a new world!

Lello Bookshop

Dutch artist Arjan de Weger, uses red flawlessly depicting women. Creating black and white canvases and then only using the color red here, is amazing.

Arjan de Weger

Empire State of Mind

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I’ve wanted to make this piece for a long time. I kept saying to myself, I gotta make a pinky ring, it has to be a signet ring. The classic style and flat top. Something that I would wear everyday, over and over. And I was like damn what should I put on the top? A stone? A few stones? Maybe a stamp from a royal estate? And I knew it would be none of these things. I knew it had to be New York. Short, simple and to the point.

Luminary Custom New York Signet Pinky Ring



Posted in Music by ologundudu on December 9, 2009

Sade’s highly anticipated album, which was pushed back is finally available for pre-order. It will be released worldwide on February  8th 2010. This is her first studio album since the release of Lover’s Rock in 2000, which went multi-platinum.

I’m honestly a bit speechless, I mean she still got it! After so many years, the looks, the voice, and that vibe. I was just thinking to myself when was this album going to drop, and I heard it got pushed back. But now to hear this single, and know that her album is coming out. There are just no words!

P.S. Sade is like 50. I swear, she is by far one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Download – Sade – Soldier of Love

Keith Hernandez in Luminary

Posted in Fashion, Luminary by ologundudu on December 9, 2009

A new face at New York’s Request Models, Keith Hernandez has already been featured on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan, in American Eagle’s ad campaign, and walked for Givenchy. He is building quite the portfolio.

Vogue Hommes Japan Cover Shoot

Keith walking the Givenchy runways for SS 2010

Recently photographed by Yoshi Sekine in Luminary’s Mosaic pendant.


Request Models


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Lomo’s are ill. Get acquainted.

My current rig.

Next up, the Chrome Diana F+.

The Fall of the Wall

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Something inspiring about these. The human spirit never ceases, to get out, to change, to revolt, to live. Something like the ‘Imagine’ tiles in Central Park, across from Lennon’s former apartment at Central Park West. Get your dreams out, man. Just get that shit out, and do it. Never stop. Never cease.

Solo Negro y Blanco

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Men in black and white. Luminary.

Relax and take notes. The only way to prepare, is to be well prepared.