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Garance Doré: New York

Posted in Uncategorized by ologundudu on July 24, 2009


“So here’s New York.  Like a big boat.  You get on, you get off, downtown, uptown, up, down, always at the speed of light.  It’s like there’s no middle ground here.  Far off are the grey skies of Paris.  Here, it’s white or it’s black.  It rains hard or it’s drenched in sun.

Everyone who lives in New York City says the same thing.  It’s a harsh city, a city that can grab you, a city that’ll spit you out, a city that grips you, a city that’ll wear you down.  Lots of people spent their first years here in tears.

But most of them just couldn’t leave.  The energy is too insistent, the parties too crazy, the work too hard.  And the dreams have no measure.  

I wonder if the city will ever adopt me.  I try to go about the city like you would with a child.  I don’t ask her to love me.  I don’t ask her to welcome me.  I don’t ask her to be beautiful or to be soft.  I try not to ask her anything at all.  And when if and when the day comes, and the melody is right, she’ll come play with me.”

In her own words. 


New York, New York


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