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King of Kings

Posted in Crew Thick, Design, Luminary by ologundudu on July 22, 2009

Another installment of Crew Thick begins here at Luminary, and as before I will begin with a quote.


 “There are no days in life so memorable as those which vibrated to some stroke of the imagination.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson – American philosopher and poet 


A while back I designed a piece for my friend Lawrence J. Annunziata. Many know him as a model on the scene, having worked with Escada for commercials, Pelle Pelle for ad campaigns, and Jeremy Scott for runway shows. With a Black and Italian background it’s no wonder this young man, has heads turning. When we sat down to discuss his piece, we decided on an Egyptian themed design, using a Pyramid and the Eye of Osiris. When asked why he chose an Egyptian piece, Law said, “…that’s where Black people are from, and people have always told me I look like an Egyptian, so I ran with it. The Eye of Osiris represents awareness, and these cats out here need some of that.” Well said my friend, well said indeed! 


Lawrence Custom

Before I can begin waxing, I create the design with Illustrator.


Purple and green wax. 


14k Gold Pyramid with high polished finish, 14k White Gold Eye of Osiris with matte finish and black onyx, on a black gold ball chain. 



(Lawrence Annunziata, West Side Highway, New York, King of Kings Custom)


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