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Luminary on The Fader

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The Fader 



Garance Doré: New York

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“So here’s New York.  Like a big boat.  You get on, you get off, downtown, uptown, up, down, always at the speed of light.  It’s like there’s no middle ground here.  Far off are the grey skies of Paris.  Here, it’s white or it’s black.  It rains hard or it’s drenched in sun.

Everyone who lives in New York City says the same thing.  It’s a harsh city, a city that can grab you, a city that’ll spit you out, a city that grips you, a city that’ll wear you down.  Lots of people spent their first years here in tears.

But most of them just couldn’t leave.  The energy is too insistent, the parties too crazy, the work too hard.  And the dreams have no measure.  

I wonder if the city will ever adopt me.  I try to go about the city like you would with a child.  I don’t ask her to love me.  I don’t ask her to welcome me.  I don’t ask her to be beautiful or to be soft.  I try not to ask her anything at all.  And when if and when the day comes, and the melody is right, she’ll come play with me.”

In her own words. 


New York, New York

Black Out: Solar Eclipse

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Wednesday in China, parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Japan, the longest Solar Eclipse of the 21st century occured. Lasting at least 6 mintues and 40 seconds.  


This is what the sky looked like over Yangshan, China.

Ocular Echoism: The Autonomy of Ellis Gallagher

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Ellis G’s first NY solo show at the Collective Hardware gallery was tonight. Entitled “Ocular Echoism – The Autonomy of Ellis Gallagher” and presented by the De L’Autonomy Mission. 

“…Ocular is visual and my work is a visual echo. You have a bike, or handrail, or ladder, with some light on it and there’s a shadow that I enhance with chalk. It’s a visual echo. An ocular echo. I came up with it in 2006.”

Ellis G is a New York native rooted in graffiti street art. His graffiti can be found on the streets of New York, Europe and Asia. He has been featured on the covers and pages of The New York Times, New York Magazine, Time Out New York, Mass Appeal, The Village Voice, Area Revue France, Der Spiegel Germany, H Magazine Spain, and countless others. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. 


De L’Autonomy 

King of Kings

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Another installment of Crew Thick begins here at Luminary, and as before I will begin with a quote.


 “There are no days in life so memorable as those which vibrated to some stroke of the imagination.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson – American philosopher and poet 


A while back I designed a piece for my friend Lawrence J. Annunziata. Many know him as a model on the scene, having worked with Escada for commercials, Pelle Pelle for ad campaigns, and Jeremy Scott for runway shows. With a Black and Italian background it’s no wonder this young man, has heads turning. When we sat down to discuss his piece, we decided on an Egyptian themed design, using a Pyramid and the Eye of Osiris. When asked why he chose an Egyptian piece, Law said, “…that’s where Black people are from, and people have always told me I look like an Egyptian, so I ran with it. The Eye of Osiris represents awareness, and these cats out here need some of that.” Well said my friend, well said indeed! 


Lawrence Custom

Before I can begin waxing, I create the design with Illustrator.


Purple and green wax. 


14k Gold Pyramid with high polished finish, 14k White Gold Eye of Osiris with matte finish and black onyx, on a black gold ball chain. 



(Lawrence Annunziata, West Side Highway, New York, King of Kings Custom)


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Givenchy – Fall/Winter 09 Couture – Ricardo Tisci 

Another inspiring collection by Ricardo, I swear it’s all in the DETAILS. 






Givenchy – NY Mag