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Third Floor New York: An Introduction

Posted in Design, Fashion, Luminary by ologundudu on June 1, 2009

Cedric Haughton & Anthony Hendrickson. These are two names you will not forget. They are designers, who have in 2 seasons, given us a taste of what they will build  in the future. I know these men well, and I have seen there progression and work ethic develop into something beautiful and timeless. Menswear, often boring and stale, feels full of invention and extremism in this collection. The most important thing about the Fall/Winter 2009 look book from the design duo, is that I actually want to wear it. Whether the pleated salmon button down, the perfectly tailored blazer, or the logo pin, I find myself wanting many key pieces from this collection, and that itself is worth mentioning. 










When asked where the inspiration for this collection came from, the designers responded, “(We were inspired by)…abstract armory, disobedience within a private academic environment and recurring issues of mental entrapment.” 


In addition to this, as part of their ‘Dusk til Dawn’ collection, we worked on a jewelry collaboration, featuring the pin and necklace that you see throughout the look book. Months earlier, in prep for our own Fall/Winter 2009 collection here at Luminary, Anthony took notice of some pieces I was making for ‘The Space Blockade’ collection. Using lots of open space with a geometric theme. We all sat down one night and decided that a collaboration, was in order. Using the Third Floor logo, was the perfect choice, not only for the simplicity of the design, but for how well it would fit into what they were already designing. 



Third Floor New York



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  1. marika said, on June 4, 2009 at 7:33 am

    hey love it’s marika. didnt know you had a blog but i love it so far 🙂 linked you over on mine. see you around soon i hope. xoxo

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