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Jerome Lamaar x Promostyl x Luminary

Posted in Design, Fashion, Luminary by ologundudu on May 14, 2009

Jerome Lamaar is a really good friend of mine, and we have known each other for a few good years now. You may remember him as the man in Kimora Lee’s show ‘Life in the Fab Lane’ a while back. The man who was always making things happen and putting up with everyone and everything. 

As of late he works with Promostyl, an international trend research and design agency. With offices in New York, Paris and Tokyo, agents on every continent, and representing brands such as Bally, Cerruti, Le Bourget, Puma, and Ray-Ban to name a few. As part of his work at Promostyl, Jerome forecasts trends with new brands, and recently featured Luminary in there latest newsletter. 



Jerome was one of the first people to ask me for a custom piece. We sat down one night over drinks and dinner, and he said “Sade, I want a cross. Long and slim, and open.” He quickly sketched the design on a napkin, and within a few weeks the piece was made. Behold the Open-Faced Cross. Sterling silver, 24″ Round Venetian Box Chain. 








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