The Extension

Cocaine Cowboys

Posted in Film by ologundudu on March 15, 2009


A retrospective of sorts. 


I could be sitting on the shore, talking with ole’ timers. Dominos on the table, and beers beside dusted sneakers. In their eyes is a quiet longing, for the days of the 1970’s in Miami. Drugs, Money, and Women. They tell me little things. A joint down the block and around the corner that was once a stash house. The club that closed down, where all the dealers would play for the evening. The cars, houses and boats, and all the excess. My eyes light up, and a flush comes to my cheek, and all I can think, is this must have been a crazy time. 


This is a sick ass documentary, chronicling Miami in the 1970’s and 80’s. The drug wars, and the cartels. The Cubans and Colombians, and everything that shaped Miami into the city it is today.


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