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Posted in Design, Luminary by ologundudu on February 27, 2009

This collection entitled “The Space Blockade,” is about architecture. It is about geometry and negative space. The idea that you can transform one medium of art and design into another, and still retain an individual identity. Perhaps it was my first trip to the MoMA, to see the Dali exhibit in New York this summer that did it, because also on display were a large selection of architectural works. It was after that day, when I began to design this collection. And as I did, I realized this had to be men’s jewelry, it posed a challenge, and I was up for it.

Behold ‘The Space Blockade’


Guillotine Cutter


Tré Cinco Ring


Tré Cinco Breastplate & Blind Ring

“LUMINARY. Often described as one who is an inspiration to others; a leading light, an illumination. As we are a source of inspiration, others inspire us. We share with you, our experiences and ideas, our passions and dreams, in the most intimate of ways; in the way you dress, style yourself, and see the world around you. LUMINARY uses metals, gems, and conceptual design aesthetics that challenge us with the possibility of seeing our ideas come to fruition. LUMINARY is simplistic while remaining complex in design; we are visually avant-garde yet harmonious to the eye.”

I told you, I was gonna bring the HEAT.



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